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If your looking for an affordable driving school in Ipswich

then Discount Driving School is the driving school in Ipswich for you

With the help of our top Ipswich driving school instructors, we aim to get you on the road as quickly as possible!

When your looking for an Ipswich Driving School

Discount Driving School is the Ipswich Driving School for You.

You will find an affordable driving school when you learn to drive with Discount Driving School. Our fees are:

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1st Lesson Special $39/hr

Single Lesson $49/hr

5 Lessons  $47/hr

You’ll enjoy learning to drive with our Ipswich driving school friendly team at Discount Driving School

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We’re very flexible so it’s easy to find a time to learn to drive that suits you. We operate outside or before school hours, so you don’t miss out on what you think is important!

Our driving school fleet consist of New Suzuki Swift motor cars.

Our cars are fitted with dual control foot pedals. This allows safe learning as we’ve got your safety covered and allows you to build up your confidence and awareness of the road in more gradual stages. Your Ipswich Driving School is Discount Driving School – Friendly supportive driving instructors that know how to bring out the best in you. Discount Driving school should be your choice in Ipswich and surrounding areas.

Discount Driving School - Ipswich
Quality Driving School Teaching. Guaranteed Success. If you are looking an Ipswich Driving School for an affordable driving school in Ipswich or surrounding areas then Discount Driving School is the place for you. Pickup start and drop off finish We come to you! Your home, school or work place. Anywhere that’s handy for you. Choose the time you want for your lesson We’re very flexible so it’s easy to find a time to learn to drive that suits you. We operate outside or before school hours, so you don’t miss out on what you think is important! With the help of our top driving school instructors, we aim to get you on the road as quickly as possible! When your looking for an Ipswich Driving School Discount Driving School is for You.
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Driving Lessons Ipswich QLD

Driving Lessons Ipswich QLD

Driving Lessons Ipswich Prices

We offer great prices for driving lessons. Ipswich is a great place to live and has some wonderful scenery to explore and fantastic beaches are just a short drive away. The Discount Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Ipswich.

Of all the Ipswich driving schools the instructors at the Discount Driving School understand that learning to drive presents a different and unique challenge to everyone. After all, each of us is different and unique. Some people learn the new skills quickly while others take a little more time to get their mind, hands and feet working in coordination.

The instructors here at the Discount Driving School understand completely that each student requires a unique approach adapted to their abilities. A friendly and, above all, patient attitude is on offer to set your mind at ease so you can enjoy the whole experience. And don’t forget, a good instructor will save you time and money because you will need fewer lessons to pass your final test and begin your life as a safe and qualified driver.

It is all too easy to waste money on cheap driving lessons. Ipswich is lucky to have the Discount Driving School which offers normal driving lessons in Ipswich, as well as female driving instructors. Ipswich is an old town and therefore there are many twisty and odd shaped roads. There are also a lot of roundabouts, school zones and a rail crossing, which all require certain driving techniques to navigate them safely and successfully. Ipswich driving schools are, of course, familiar with these local peculiarities and the Discount Driving School will give you great driving lessons Ipswich which will help you pass your test first time. We will also arrange for automatic driving lessons. Ipswich is quite a hilly town and many drivers feel more comfortable driving an automatic car, especially for doing hill-starts and when trying to park in a tight spot on a hill.

In these fast and active modern days both students and working adults lead busy lives. We offer to pick you up and drop you off at a time and place that suits your busy schedule. We can arrive at your school or workplace, provide you with an effective driving lesson and then drop you off at home or anywhere else that is convenient for you. We can also operate outside normal school and office hours to suit your needs. Just let us know before your lesson and we will be glad to help you live your busy life and pass your test as quickly as possible.

Passing your test the first time is a real achievement and will make you feel proud of your success. You will need to develop confidence in your ability to relax and observe all the important issues involved with driving. You will have to develop a particular state of awareness that keeps you, other drivers and pedestrians safe at all times. This state of awareness, often called “road-sense”, is something that can only be learned by experience. What will speed-up the learning time is helpful and perceptive advice from your instructor.

In order to pass your test you will have to demonstrate a calm attitude that can anticipate problems and avoid them safely and in conformance with Queensland driving regulations. This can be a difficult skill for some people to master while trying at the same time to get all the physical and mechanical skills in place. That is why we use compact, highly manoeuvrable and easy to drive new Suzuki Swift motor cars with dual control foot pedals. The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) has awarded the Suzuki Swift a five-star rating for safety, the maximum points available. The standard safety features of this ideal learner’s car are:

Driver’s Knee Airbag Anti-lock Braking Brake Assist

Dual Airbag Package Head Airbags Side Airbags

Electronic Stability Program Electronic Brake Force Distribution

Seatbelts: pre-tensioners in both front seats

So not only do you have superb safety features built into the car, but your instructor can use the dual foot controls to step-in if necessary and take control of the car in an unsafe situation. Obviously driving a car incorrectly is a very dangerous thing to do and safety must be everybody’s first priority.

All Discount Driving School cars are fitted with dual control foot pedals. This allows students attending our driving lessons to take advantage of our very safe learning environment. Students will be able to gradually and consistently build up their driving confidence and their road awareness. All the instructors, including our female driving instructors Ipswich, at our Ipswich driving school are very friendly, supportive and dedicated to bringing out the best driver in all our students. Whether you are looking for manual gear-box or automatic driving lessons Ipswich, the Discount Driving School should be your choice in Ipswich and the surrounding areas.

A driving exam is similar to any other exam: there is a certain amount of book study, but just as important is to develop your ability to drive in all conditions, rain and shine, night and day. You must also learn and apply all the most essential methods of driving safely. Our careful, considerate and observant instructors will give you the skills you need, paying particular attention to those aspects with which you need the most help. Our aim is not only to train you enough to pass your test the first time, but to become a better and safer driver for the rest of your life. The Discount Driving School has successfully trained hundreds of people to pass their test first time.

Driving Lessons Ipswich Prices

Driving Lessons Ipswich Prices

Special Introductory Offer

1st Lesson Special $39 per hour

Single Lesson $49 per hour

5 Lessons $47 per hour

In Australia, you need to be 16 years or older before you can apply for a learner licence. When you apply, you will receive a learner logbook that you will use to record your driving experience with a supervisor.

Bonus Logbook Hours

Every hour you drive with an accredited trainer, such as the Discount Driving School, will count for three hours in your logbook (this applies only to the first 10 hours with an instructor). This bonus of extra hours is because driving instructors will provide you with a greater understanding on how to safely operate your car.

Some people find the 100 hours rule difficult to complete because most of their driving trips only last 15 minutes or so. Discount Driving School’s 10 hours is the equivalent to 30 hours of supervised driving in your log book. This gives you a good start but still requires you to complete another 70 hours of supervised driving.

Your chosen supervisor, while they may be an excellent driver and a good teacher may not be fully aware of and up to date with Queensland Transport Procedures and requirements: assessments are done to specific criteria and your supervisor may not always have the necessary knowledge and skills to teach you to pass the test. Here at the Discount Driving School we are always training and keeping our instructors informed about any relevant changes to Queensland Transport policies, road rule updates, local council road speed changes, new signage, etc.

So why wait? Book your lesson with Discount Driving School now and save with our special introductory price.

Driving Schools Ipswich Rules for Learner Driving

Driving Schools Ipswich Rules for Learner Driving

After you have successfully passed your test and obtained your learner licence you can then begin driving with a supervisor and gaining your 100 hours of experience. The rules for learner drivers are:

  • You may drive only with a supervisor with a valid open licence, valid for your class of vehicle.
  • Your supervisor must have held their licence for at least 1 year.
  • You must always display your L plates.
  • When driving you must always carry your learner licence (or driver licence receipt if you are waiting for your licence).
  • You must keep a record of the 100 hours of supervised driving in your learner’s logbook.
  • Your 100 hours must include at least 10 hours of driving at night.
  • You must comprehensively learn all the rules for driving in Queensland.
  • You must comply with the no alcohol regulations.
  • You must not be under the influence of drugs, either illegal or prescription.
  • You must obey any additional conditions on your learner licence, such as driving with corrective lenses, for example.

L plates

L plates must always be clearly displayed when you are learning to drive.

The government stipulates a minimum size and colour for an L plate. This is 14.6cm x 14.6cm, and it must have a black uppercase letter ‘L’ on a yellow background. You are not allowed to use any other colours.

Most petrol stations, several major retailers and automotive shops sell L Plates of the approved design. You are allowed to make your own, but they must be exactly the right size and colour.

There are also L plate templates you can download to create your own plates. These can be printed on a colour printer and then laminated.

How to display your L plates

L plates must be positioned and displayed so that the letter ‘L’ on each plate can be clearly seen from 20m away, both at the front and the rear of the vehicle. If you are taking your motorcycle license test, you L plate is required to be displayed only on the rear of the motor-bike.

If you fail to display your L plates correctly both you and your supervisor can be fined for non-compliance. You, as the learner driver will also be given two demerit points which will be officially recorded as part of your “traffic history”. And do not forget, if you get four or more demerit points during a twelve month period, you will be suspended from driving for three months, not a good way to start your driving career.

You might like to note and mention to your driving supervisor that they must remove the L plates if they are not driving with a learner. They could be subject to a fine if they fail to do this. This regulation does not apply to accredited driver trainers.

Mobile Phone Use

All drivers are banned from using a hand-held mobile phone while driving.

Studies have shown that using a mobile phone while driving creates a very hazardous situation.

  • Drivers using a hands-free or handheld mobile phone are much slower at recognising and responding effectively and quickly to hazards.
  • Drivers are four times more likely to be in a crash if using a mobile phone while driving.
  • Driver’s reaction times are two times slower when texting and driving than if you drink and drive. This increases to three times slower if you use a handheld phone.
  • Even very careful drivers will be distracted by a call or text and even a split-second loss of concentration can result in a crash.

If you are under 25, your supervisor and passengers are forbidden from using a mobile phone, even while on loudspeaker, during the time when you are driving. Breaking this rule will result in a fine.

Many people find it impossible to ignore their phone, even when driving and this creates a dangerous situation with concentration and reaction times impaired. Looking at a mobile phone while driving means you are not looking at the road, other vehicles, pedestrians, animals or any of the other hazards that are ever present while driving.

Obviously the most effective way to prevent breaking any rules is to simply turn off your phone.

Another option is to put the phone out of sight and reach: into the glove box compartment, perhaps.

You can install a hands-free kit but you must still only use it when legally allowed. A hands-free installation should be mounted on the windscreen in such a way as to not impair your view of the road.

Your best solution is to safely park your car out of traffic. Mobile phone use is allowed for everyone while legally and safely parked.

Doing something dangerous while driving might be an acceptable risk to you, but nothing gives you the right to put other people’s lives at danger because of your actions.