Our students have a high pass rate. We differ from other driving schools in the following ways:

  • We don’t focus on the practical aspects of driving to the exclusion of the theory behind driving.

    We provide intensive lessons on the theory and students receive intensive training on both vital aspects of driving, the combination of theory and practical application.

    Our focus on theory will prepare our student for the initial practical lessons.

  • We also have highly skilled instructors: you may select whichever instructor appeals to you.

    You are encouraged to review all their profiles to see with whom you will feel most comfortable.

  • A point to bear in mind is that we have a fleet of brand new, customised Suzuki Swift cars with foot pedals for use by the instructor.

    This dual-control fitting means that you have your lessons in a safe environment, allowing you to increase your self-confidence over time.

Where we stand out is that you, the student, are our focus. We aim to build your confidence by offering you tools that are safe and supported by skilled instructors.