Driving lessons in Logan are easy and affordable when you book your appointments at the Discount Driving School.

For more than three years we have been putting well-trained drivers onto the roads of Brisbane and Ipswich.

Our team of instructors is passionate about training new drivers to a level of competence and confidence on the road, and our high student success rate is a reflection of this passion for the industry.

What You Can Expect from Discount Driving School re Driving Lessons in Logan

We understand that often the experience of getting behind the steering wheel for the first time can be overwhelming and filled with anxiety, and we want to make the experience as pleasurable as possible for all our clients.

  • We pride ourselves in a superb track-record concerning student pass rates, and we consistently work diligently to maintain and even improve it.

    This success is only one of the many reasons why we are one of the best driving schools Logan Central has to offer.

  • We give our students an extensive theoretical training before moving on to the practical side.

    We have experienced during our three years of running this business, that when students are confident in the theoretical aspects of driving and road rules, they take on the practical side with much greater confidence and success.

  • We provide a security net for new drivers with our custom-built fleet of Suzuki Swifts that have dual control foot pedals.

    This modification of the vehicle enables the instructor to take control of the car in emergencies and calms our student drivers, giving them the confidence to learn. A confident driver is a safe road user.

Problems Discount Driving School Addresses

There are often many unknowns that student drivers find daunting.

Our experience of more than 15 years in training is the foundation of our successful training program helping students to get their licenses in minimal time.

Since we are such an affordable driving school in Logan, students are often surprised with the ease that they obtain their licenses with us.

  • We offer answers to most of your questions before booking on our website.

    One of these are concerns related to instructors.

    We encourage students to browse through our testimonials to find the best instructor to complement their personalities.

  • Payments are secure since we have equipped all our cars with card payment technology.

  • We stay at the forefront of changes to the road rules and pass these on to our valuable students.

Why Discount Driving School Is Cost-Effective?

At Discount Driving School, we can offer cheap driving lessons to Logan students.

Our training strategy has shown its efficiency repeatedly over the years and means that students often need to attend fewer training hours before they’re ready to obtain their licenses than at any other driving school.

Our success rate is also the saving factor when you consider that fewer times of trying out for your license means a smaller expenditure on the entire process.

Contact us to become part of our successful track record.